Neurokidz© founders are parents and teachers specialised in Neuroscience and Early Childhood Education. By using educational and neuroscience research, they identified key life skills that will help children achieve both academic and personal success through their well-being. 


Neurokidz© is in the process of publishing is a series of chapter books targeted at an audience of 4 to 9 year olds. Each book focuses on one of the neuro-skill© in particular and describes situations in which the skill might be needed to overcome a range of challenges. The books are designed to be appealing to kids, depicting super heroes who help children to fight bad guys using super powers. 


Each skill has a dedicated super hero who teaches the main character of the story a superpower to resolve his/her problems. The super powers are practical and simple steps to learn and use a skill conveyed in a child-friendly manner. 


Learn more about our Neuro-Heroes



Neurokidz© Language currently offers French classes for children and adults.


We take into consideration how the human brain learns and retains information so as to teach our students French in a fun and engaging way.


Learn more about our French Classes




Neurokidz© provides educational conferences and parents workshops on the application of latest neuroscience research to early childhood education.


Come and learn about:


  • Research findings and facts on children's brains

  • Guidelines for holistic development and life skills at school

  • Neuro-skills and how to acquire them

  • Practical and life-long child-friendly solutions to everyday challenges 


Some of the conferences we organised before include:


  • Self-Control:
    Helping children overcome negative emotions and keep focus


  • Learning, Memory & the Brain


  • Raising Bilingual / Trilingual Kids: 
    Benefits & Techniques


If you would like Neurokidz© to speak at your next event, contact us at:


Stephanie Herd

Managing Director

+852 9090 2240