Stephanie and Simon Herd, Founders of Neurokidz Limited©


After meeting in Business School in France, Stephanie and Simon first lived and worked in Paris, before moving to Mainland China and then to Hong Kong, where they have lived ever since. They have two young children.


Simon is an educator from England. He is a Certified Teacher and holds a Master of Education. Simon has over 10 years of experience in teaching at both university and primary school levels. Simon believes that students’ emotional and social well-being are critical factors to their learning and necessary ingredients to leading a successful life.


Stephanie is from France. She is a teacher of French as a foreign language for both children and adults. Stephanie is also specialised in neuroscience. She obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership. Her areas of research are about how the brain works. After designing multiple training packages for executives, she now focuses on life skills for children. Her domains of specialisation include:


  • Making decisions and solving problems

  • Regulating emotions

  • Collaborating with others

  • Facilitating change


Combining their knowledge and expertise in childhood education and brain research, they founded Neurokidz©. Their aim is to create a child-friendly approach to life skills for children so that they can grow into happy and successful adults.